Unique Body Cooling Vest for children - no size is too small

Unique Body Cooling Vest for children - no size is too small


Heat-sensitivity can be a difficult symptom for an active child

Kids and teens with medical conditions that cause heat intolerance do not have to miss out on the fun

International Pediatric Medical Centers suggest using cooling products to beat the heat - these items allow children to participate in outdoor activities while preventing an increase in body temperature

With the arcticheat children’s vest we now have designed vests without a side panel so just front and back with ties at the side, this allows for the child to grow and new vests not having to be purchased every 6 months as the child outgrows the vest. These vests can be done in plain white and blue and we have them sized in 1 – 10 so if this type of vest is required we need a chest measurement and measurement from tip of shoulder to waist and we can then use the best size. 

We help kids with Epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Mitochondrial Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis and other medical conditions to beat the heat

Standard Sizes - Children’s Vest Size Chart

Size 1 = 44cm chest , Size 2 = 46cm chest, Size 4 = 50cm chest, Size 6 = 55cm chest, Size 8 = 60cm chest, Size 10 = 65cm chest


All measurements that we are given will be manufactured, no size is too small

We reqiure measurement around the chest and from top of shoulder to hip.



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