Cooling Gloves and Footies to avoid chemotharapy induced side effects


One complete set contains 2 Gloves / Socks (4 Gel Pads + 4 fleece-covers with velcro strips and flexible fixing) + 2 replacement covers

To cool both hands and both feet you will need 2 Sets

  • Very cost-effective compared to conventional gel gloves

  • Easy to use

  • Consistently high cooling performance thanks to a thermo-gel specially developed for this purpose

  • Cost-saving - each part, whether fleece cover or gel pad, is available separately, you do not have to order the complete set of cooling glove / cooling footlet

  • Easy to fix by using flexible velcro

  • High satisfaction of patients and uncomplicated handling for nursing staff, gel pads can be desinfected

  • Reusable



Hand and foot cooling for prevention of chemotherapy induced side effects

Other grave side effects of some chemotherapeutic medicines are peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) and hand-foot syndrome (HFS)

These side effects damage nerves and the first symptoms are tingling, swelling, severe, painful swelling, severe painful redness, numbness, dehairing or open wounds - often on the toes or fingers and may continue to spread to legs or arms. This causes abnormalities and dysfunctions.

These side effects may result in a reduced dose or therapy delay. In the worst case chemotherapy has to be suspended or terminated.

Cooling hands and feet with cooling gloves and cooling footies / socks protects patients from these side effects.

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