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Scalp Cooling for prevention of chemotherapy induced hair loss

Clinical trials are currently being conducted around the world studying the results of scalp cooling during chemotherapy as a treatment for hair loss.

Arctic Heat cooling caps have been used successfully in Europe for many years. International studies show that hair loss can be prevented as soon as the scalp temperature is cooled below 22 ° Celsius. The arcticheat hypothermia cap cools the scalp's temperature down byv17 ° C in just 7 minutes. The required skin temperature of <22 ° Celsius will be reached at aroundv19 ° Celsius (optimal level) and held for approx. 1 to max. 1,5 hours.

What makes our cooling cap different is that it is a cost effective option, proven to be successful in eliminating substantial hair loss in about 70% of patients. A one off purchase means that you can use your cooling cap for as many treatments as you need without the hassle of expensive ongoing monthly rental fees.

Our cooling caps are lightweight and comfortable. Because they do not need to be wired into a machine, you have full mobility and are free to walk around during your treatment.

Our cooling caps are designed and made in Australia from the highest quality materials. They are lined with special designed material for scalp cooling. Moisture is drawn away from the scalp, resulting in a dry application.

Please consider applied drug and required Pre-, Infusion- and Post Cooling Time - 2 to 5 Cooling Caps will be necessary


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