Hot/Cold Wraps for injury treatment  

Our range of lightweight easy to use wraps are a convenient cold/hot pack for the relief of symptoms associated with muscle and joint pain. The specific design of each individual wrap molds to the exact body part incorporating all facets of injury hot/cold treatment with attached Velcro straps for easy fastening.

All in one COLD/HOT WRAP 

In line with its on going commitment to R&D and new product development, Arctic Heat has now released the eagerly anticipated hot/cold rehab packs.

Based on the same technology as our revolutionary body cooling vest, these lightweight easy to use wraps take the difficulty and inconvenience away from cold/hot treatment.

The wraps are a convenient, easy to use cold/hot pack for the treatment of symptoms associated with muscle and joint pain. The wrap can be worn under clothing during normal activity. Each individual wrap has a specific design so it moulds to the exact body part and incorporates all facets of cold/hot treatment.

The wraps also have convenient Velcro attachment straps eliminating the need to search for bandages or the like to fasten to body part.

After initially activating the wraps by placing in water for approximately 10 minutes, wraps must be in activated (gel) state for use, they can be used anything from ice to hot.

For the cold part of treatment the activated wrap can be frozen by placing in the freezer, cold by placing in fridge or can be placed into ice water for 30 secs 1 minute, wipe dry and then fastened to body part.

When heat treatment is required place activated wrap into a microwave at 30 second intervals until wrap is at desired temperature.

CAUTION: Heating time is a guide only depending on microwave power. Always check wrap against skin before fastening to body part to avoid burns.

So now you can treat those injury symptoms with the revolutionary, convenient, all in one Arctic Heat cold/hot pack without interrupting your normal routine.

The days of separate applications for cold and hot, wet messy ice packs and searching for the elusive bandage or tea towel to wrap on are gone thanks to the Arctic Heat Cold/Hot Rehab Wraps.

Note: The Arctic Heat Wraps are designed to assist and manage the symptoms of muscle and joint injury and pain only. These instructions relate to the use of Arctic Heat products only.

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