A" split second is often the difference between

a Gold medal and no medal. 

The Arctic Heat Cooling vest could very well provide that difference"

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest is a revolutionary product designed to counter the harmful effects of heat stress. It has become an essential piece of sporting equipment for athletes seeking a competitive edge.

You've seen it a million times. Probably done it yourself thousands of times. Pushed yourself to the limit. Worked till the sweat was pouring off you and your heart was thumping through your chest.

You strain as you can feel your muscles fatiguing. Veins swell up with every effort. Your thirsty and hot. It's hard, hard work.

Arctic Heat Cooling Vests will give you an advantage.

A cooler body means less sweating. Less sweating means more fluid to enable top class performance.

Cooling the body will send that blood back to the muscles where you need it. You're stronger for longer.

With the unique inner, any sweat is quickly removed - keep you cool and dry so you can perform at your best.

The Arctic Heat Vest - the world´s leading Body Cooling Vest, has been supplied to Australia’s elite sporting teams since their inception in the year 2000. They are official Supplier to the Australian Olympic Team 2008/2012 and provide cooling vests to not only Australia’s Olympic team, but International Olympic Teams 2004, 2008 and 2012 around Europe, USA, South-Africa and China - to name a few.

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Leading experts recognize the advantages of the revolutionary Arctic Heat Cooling Vest and the Vest is an integral piece of equipment with most elite sporting bodies, Industry and Medical.

Organisations and athletes using the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest are:


Olympic Teams from Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, USA, China, Ireland, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain etc.


German Field Hockey Teams, German Beach Volleyball Teams, German Athletics Organisation, German Rowing Team, German Cycling Team, Swiss Cycling, SAC, Swiss Sailing etc.


Paralympic Teams: England, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland etc.


Soccer Teams from England, Australia, Switzerland etc.


British Swim Team, Hungarian Kayak Team, Swim Team Guatemala, Dutch Field Hockey Team


Rowing Teams from: Italy, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Danmark, Russia, Belarus, England etc.


National Cricket Teams – Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and England, Australian Football League (AFL) – all teams                                 

International Hockey Teams, International MTB and International BMX Teams        

Ana Ivanovic - Tennis, Jenson Button - Formula 1. Craig Alexander - Ironman World Champion,  Cadel Evans - Tour de France winner, Grigor Dimitrov - Tennis, Tony Martin - Cycling, Sylvain Chavanel - Cycling, Vincenzo Nibali - Cycling, Winner Giro d'Italia 2013 and Tour de France 2014, Caroline Wozniacki - Tennis, Team mtn qhubeka - Cycling, Astana Pro Team - Cycling, Team Movistar- Cycling, Andy and Frank Schleck - Cycling, Christoph Sauser - MTB, Lukas Liß - Cycling Men's World Champion Scratch Race 2015, Maria Sharapova – Tennis etc. ...

and much more Teams and Athletes around the world

M.S. Societies around the world...

Many Various Industries (to many to list here)


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